Thursday, July 28, 2011



The question being does someone have too high of an expectation for you and do you think you have too high of an expectation for someone else?

Over all in some respect or other people tend to hold an expectation for others that are beyond reason or that is too high for the person in question and in turn hold too high of an expectation for others.  The down side is it is often that it is for the ones closest to us that we tend to hold too high of an expectation for.

That being said, I do probably hold too high of an expectation for someone, I try not to and try not to set anyone up to fail.  Being human does include holding an ideal for those close to you and expecting to get as close to that as is humanly possible.  Those ideals often exceed what is possible so if you’re willing to be flexible it is not necessarily a bad thing.  I do not hold anything absolute, I am usually willing to compromise.

As for others holding too high of expectations from me yes there are a few but it is worth working and compromising with them to come to a happy middle ground and many would consider me blessed as I have been able to compromise with me to a happy median and those who couldn’t well just to say they are ones who don’t matter to me.

Expectations are a manner in which we build relationships and define each person’s part in the relationship.  In a relationship each  person plays a part and living up to the expectations is what defines the relationship.

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