Thursday, July 28, 2011



The question being does someone have too high of an expectation for you and do you think you have too high of an expectation for someone else?

Over all in some respect or other people tend to hold an expectation for others that are beyond reason or that is too high for the person in question and in turn hold too high of an expectation for others.  The down side is it is often that it is for the ones closest to us that we tend to hold too high of an expectation for.

That being said, I do probably hold too high of an expectation for someone, I try not to and try not to set anyone up to fail.  Being human does include holding an ideal for those close to you and expecting to get as close to that as is humanly possible.  Those ideals often exceed what is possible so if you’re willing to be flexible it is not necessarily a bad thing.  I do not hold anything absolute, I am usually willing to compromise.

As for others holding too high of expectations from me yes there are a few but it is worth working and compromising with them to come to a happy middle ground and many would consider me blessed as I have been able to compromise with me to a happy median and those who couldn’t well just to say they are ones who don’t matter to me.

Expectations are a manner in which we build relationships and define each person’s part in the relationship.  In a relationship each  person plays a part and living up to the expectations is what defines the relationship.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dark Days

Prologue: The Dark Knight is not one of evil and is such because his cause is not that of good or evil but is one of balance in that not all things are so divided into good and evil, black and white, or right and wrong.  The other point of note is everything from the knight to his fortress is all a metaphor.  In truth the torch is a lost love that still resides with him.
The Dark Days
We join the dark knight as he stands on the tower of his fortress looking out over the darkness.  As he watches the moonlight kisses his battle worn armor and all is quiet.  As the boredom of a dead night washes over him he remembers it wasn’t long ago that he had one that was his light.  The torch of her love kept his eyes keen and his heart pure.  Those days are over although he never knew what put the torch out, he still wonders if it still burns and has been veiled to him for he has seen it spark and flare time to time just enough to give him hope.  With the evils that has washed over his land that he has only been able to fight to a draw, he has been left to wonder if maybe all that he has known has been corrupted by the plague of his land.  He fights long and hard yet the plague remains, for a while he has held up in his fortress to rest and heal before the next battle, but with the quiet nights comes the doubt that he has nothing left to fight for.  His torch has gone out, his squire has abandoned him and those who seek refuge in his fortress are those whom are too injured or too weary to travel on.

His life has been devoted to offering shelter and protection for any that would seek it, his heart and land had been a bountiful land that produced more than was needed most of the time. In time of hardship and despair his fortress had been a point of hope.  Now the dark knight is alone and scavenging to provide for those who cannot leave.  His evil ravaged fortress trembles in effort, trying to remain intact and not fall to rubble.  His persistence is all that give the mighty walls the strength not to fall, and keeps the vile beasts at a distance, although f the beast caught the scent of his doubt they would be upon the fortress walls and all would be lost.
Yet he endures……
                     And move forward.

Monday, June 27, 2011

A Summer Day

Describe the perfect summer day. What would you do on that day?
The perfect summer day would be where I have a day free, sunny, around 90 degrees and a full tank of gas.  Ideally I would have ammunition for my rifles and a full tank of gas.  I would go out to the local shooting range in the morning shoot off a couple of hundred rounds, then I would continue up the road to Sheridan lake and have a picnic lunch and enjoy the rest of the day at the lake. 
If I had more than one day I would go camping as well.  I love nature and being outdoors. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Half-full or Half-empty?

Half-empty or half full…..for me t is neither it is just half of whatever the container is.  Example a cup filled half way with a substance is a half of a cup.  Things just are, to be overly positive, or overly negative is only setting one up for disappointment.
Negative or being pessimistic wears on the self-esteem and confidence, and optimism leads to arrogance, disappointment and exaggeration, all qualities that turn good people into assholes.
A good outlook on life doesn’t need pessimism or optimism you accept that life has good of both good and bad and do your best to reach for the good than life can be fulfilled. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

the ends justify the means

Today’s prompt was when do the ends justify the means?   That is a question that is a bit hard to answer, because I am one who decides things by actions and consequences.  They are similar but not the same.  Although can say that the ends justifies the means as long a person is willing to accept the consequences.
A good example of this is if someone angers another, if the other is willing to accept the consequence of being charged with assault then beating the crap out of the one that angered them is justified by the willingness to accept the consequences of using that means to shut the other person up.  However, my freedom means a lot to me so any action that would get me in trouble with the law isn’t an option.
If one doesn’t care about a person, to use them to get what they want is justifiable cause if the person lets them they decided to allow it. Neither party is harmed by it.  Chances are if the person doesn’t like the idea of being used for the others gain than that person probably won’t associate with the other and both will be no worse for wear.
When I do things especially with other people I weigh the actions against the possible consequences.  This leaves it so that in everything I do the ends always justifies the means because I won’t take the option if I am not willing to accept the consequences. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

What Is A Slave?

The prompt today was a little silly for me so today I am going to write about something that is on my mind instead.
What is a slave?   I am into the BDSM lifestyle, and am a dominant.  Personally I would like the gift of a slave.  Yet there are many that a slave is someone dumb enough to want to be told everything they are to do and let the person they choose to do whatever they want with.  It isn’t as simple as that.  There are people who need a structured life and cannot structure it for themselves.  On their own they tend to set up a life set by books, other people or just necessity. 
Their desires are to have a significant person in their life that does this for them.  A system that is much more caring and flexible than any that they can create.  Along with this, they tend to be a follower.  They will go along with reasonable instruction or join in what others are doing but seldom initiate anything on their own.
Such a person is submissive and does not suggest they are a slave.  Slaves maybe submissive but they are also so much more.  One defining fact is that they can totally give full control of themselves and who they are over to a significant person whom they trust.  Other traits are find comfort in bonds, being told what to do and want to be told how they are to act, along with an almost selfless desire to please their significant other.  They are accepting of instruction and are not afraid of pain. 
This is only a quick rundown of a slave, and there is more I am attempting to get the full traits and qualities of a slave, although I know that to have a slave give herself to me is one of the greatest gifts and would be treated so and is what I desire to have.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mrs. Right (Reply to todays post on Minutewriter)

How do you know when someone is right for you?
Right, wrong or indifferent…hmm…  Personally it isn’t a matter of right or wrong for a person, I don’t believe in the there is only one right person or only a handful of people that are right for you.  It basically comes down to who I choose to be with.  I figure if I get along with someone, I just hang on for the ride see where it takes me.
I pay attention to the path I am on whether it is with someone or alone, if I don’t like it or it is leading somewhere I don’t want to go I change it.  The right person to be with is the one I am getting along with right now and intimacy comes it comes and its right, if it doesn’t well don’t push the issue.
So, with that said, the right person is the one or ones that I trust, and hold values I can relate with for as long as it last.  Did I mention I am polyamourous, and don’t agree with societies ideals of marriage.
There are many people who come in and out of a person’s life,  to limit oneself to experience an intimate relationship with just one of the 1000s seems a bit na├»ve, and in the end leads to heartbreak till you find the one person that you can keep a relationship with for the rest of your life, and it still won’t be everything you want.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Unannounced, todays response to the minute writer.


If someone knocked on your door unannounced right now, who would you want it to be? Who would you not want it to be?

Unannounced visitors are always welcome around my house.  There is no one that I know that I would not like to show up at my door nor is there anyone in particular that I would hope would show up.  Although, if I was going to choose I would say that I would love to see publishers clearing house show up at my door.  That would definitely make my day.

The people I don’t want showing up at my door , that would be any number of those church goers that take it upon themselves to save the whole world whether it needs saved or not.  Always wonder how they manage to stay an organized religion, they keep losing Jesus, because the first question they usually ask is “Have you found Jesus?”

No one ever told me I was supposed to look, besides my life’s better without him.  That is for another blog though.  Those people would be my choices for who I would prefer to show up unannounced and who I wouldn’t want to show up.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Popularity minutewriter response

Popular:  Were you popular as a Kid?  Are you now?  Popularity is a funny thing, was I popular, well if being popular is everyone knowing who you are and not being able to say they don’t like you. If that’s the case yeah, I was popular, people have never disliked being with me and most people who have met me even remember who I am.

However, in my case it didn’t matter, one of my friends in high school was the captain of the football team; most of the girls in my class liked me.  Sounds like I was popular, but I would be able to point out that that would be wrong, yes I was friends with the football team, most of my class liked me, and I had seen more than half the girls in my class naked.  Then again I was the guy who it was fun to be friends with, even the girls treated me like their best friend, and that is all I ever really was to most of them.  I only seen two f the handful of girls I dated naked and even that didn’t go too far.

Most the time my friends were there because I was safe.  They convince their parents they was with me and their parents would be lenient because if they was with me it couldn’t be anything bad and then they would go off and do what they wanted too, sometimes I got to hang around others I was dropped off for.

In the end I was a popular alibi.  As for now, I am popular enough I guess, people I work with know me some like me, some dislike me but overall the popularity contest generally stops at adulthood in most of the worlds social circles, and I am not part of the few in which popularity matters.  Personally I don’t care to be in those circles either.  I am proud of who I am and will be myself always and as for what others think about me, I don’t give a damn, it doesn’t make a difference one way or the other.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Believe a minutewriter response

Writing Prompt: Believe

Write about a situation that made you think, "I can't believe I just did that."

That would be about half the things I have done in my life. In my younger years I did it even more, after all what sane person get bored of parachuting out of an airplane multiple times so decides to make it interesting on a dare and tosses the parachute out before jumping. Dumb, probably but it was a rush, obviously I survived. That one happened back when I first went in the army. After basic and AIT I entered into airborne training. To earn your wings and to advance you have to make so many jumps. Well all day Saturdays and Sundays Airplanes would take us up to get the practice.

One day while getting our jumps in I mentioned how boring it was getting. One of the guys said well why don't you toss your chute out and try to get it , put it on and open it before you splatter all over the ground. The Jumpmaster on that flight was one whom had become our friend and he bet me $500 that I wouldn't do it. I took the bet and did it, man what a rush.

As our batallion comander was chewing us out and taking corrective action I had finally stopped long enough to realize how stupid it was and stopped to think I can't believe I did it, but the following 30 days in the stockade was definitely worth it.

My history is littered with instances like that and it has made for an interesting life.